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Does NWT really stand for No Whining Talent?

We're former news directors, station managers, anchors, reporters, and executive producers. We know that no matter how talented you are, whining is one of the least desirable traits in an employee. The folks who work with, and are represented by The NWT Group are highly sought after for both their skills and dedication to a very tough business.

How do you make sure someone isn't a whiner?
We work very hard to screen potential members of The NWT Group. Depending on skill levels, we prefer to spend at least 6 months or so coaching clients...helping them to grow and become better journalists.

You mentioned representation…I'm looking for an agent.
That's what we are but we do much more than that.
I'm a producer…will you work with me?
We have a track record of successfully training and placing producers.

Do News Directors really appreciate no whiners?
They do. They really do. We ask our clients to live this phrase: The station isn't the lucky one to have you working there. You're the lucky one to be working there.

Why should you represent me?
We're small
We're nimble
We're personalized
We cheerlead
We coach
We're accessible
We keep working with you after you get the job
We know people
We live the news biz
We're fun!

After all, you'd have to have a sense of humor to name your company No Whining Talent!


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