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Why hear the story from us? We’re biased. So we thought you would get a
clearer and more honest picture if we let a few of our clients tell our story:

"The NWT Group is like a personal trainer for my career.”

….Mark Schnyder

“I like how they call themselves talent coaches and not “agents” because they’re so much more than that. They advise you on tough work decisions, give you suggestions on improving your craft, and share with you your personal triumphs and tragedies. Oh, and top of that they find you jobs!”

….Owen Lei

"Trabajar con el Grupo NWT es como estar en familia. Siempre está alguien allí para tí."

….Rosa Imelda Flores

"When I started reporting, I was literally in a closet with little or no feedback. When I joined The NWT Group all that changed. I gained a lot more than an agent, I gained a mentor, career counselor, and a friend.”

….Kerry Kavanaugh

"The NWT Group aren’t just agents; they’re career counselors, coaches and all-around good people who want the best for their clients."

….Jeff Butera

“I’ve been represented by two other agencies and I generally felt like I was treated fairly well. But after just one week as a client, I recognized a significant difference. Communication and constant access is the key with The NWT Group. In fact, I think I talked with them more in my first month than I ever talked with my previous agents.”

….Brad Stephens

“From live shots and stand ups to wardrobe and make up, The NWT Group continues to offer constructive advice. The best part…it comes from people who truly know the news business inside and out.”

….Natalie Swaby


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