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Some folks call us agents. That's just part of what we do...the end game. 
In fact, we like to laugh and say 'the last thing we do is find you a job."  But we figure no one would get it.

The NWT Group does have numerous other programs that will fit your individual needs.

Don't want representation, but feel a one-on-one tape review or series of tape critiques would be valuable?  We can do and have done that.  Not a cookie cutter written critique.  Ours are personal. We will get together with you on the phone and talk through every aspect of your performance.  It will take as long as it has to until we are all clear on issues and goals.

Are in your first or second  job and want career guidance? It's a scary world out there. We can tailor something just for you.

Already found a job and just need help negotiating your contract?  We know the companies, the market and salary expectations. We can help you with that.

We understand finances are an issue, and big market, or small…or even just starting out…we have options that will meet your needs.

Of course, we do have an excellent representation program that is being well-received around the country.

We are comprised of former news directors, station managers, anchors, reporters and executive producers. We've lived in your shoes, worked your long hours, stood out for hours in the snow and rain.  We get it.

And news directors doing the hiring know that we get it. And they know that folks represented by The NWT Group get it, too. And getting it is very important to news directors.  Just ask one.

They know we select quality journalists with outstanding skills. Who work hard. Who don't whine.  Who believe in team. And that's why those working with The NWT Group are well-respected and highly sought-after.

Our programs make a difference. There's one that's right for you.

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